If carving pumpkins isn’t your thing, or if you’d rather get crafty instead, you’re going to love these no-carve, painted pumpkins!

These ideas are also great for decorating your home beyond Halloween since they’ll last a little longer than their jack-o’-lantern counterparts.

10 Ways To Paint A Pumpkin

Take a peek to see if there’s a style that you’d like to recreate this Halloween! Happy pumpkining! 

10 Ways To Paint A Pumpkin

Multi-Colored Painted Pumpkin

This idea would be really fun to do with kids! You just need some sticky letters — or you could make some with tape — and some paint. You can stick with black, or go for a multi-colored design. (via Houseful of Joyful Noise)

Antique Gold Painted Pumpkin

I love the idea of doing a display of pumpkins and gourds in all different sizes, painted in a variety of colors. These have gold touches as well, for an antique style. (via Perfectly Imperfect)

Reverse Jack-O-Lantern Painted Pumpkin

Grab the tape again and the mark of a pattern or a face, then grab the white paint and go to town. These are like reverse jack-o’-lanterns. (via Town and Country)

10 Ways To Paint A Pumpkin

Rainbow Painted Pumpkin

If color is your thing, you’ll love these funky designs! The sky’s the limit and they look fantastic grouped up together. These rainbow pumpkins look awesome! (via Whatever…)

Black Cat Painted Pumpkin

Forget about the black cat superstition and invite them to celebrate Halloween at your house this year. Aren’t these cat pumpkins neat? (via Sunset)

Geometric Painted Pumpkin

This modern, geometric take on pumpkin decorating can be achieved in any color scheme, but I do love the use of gold here. Grab your craft paints and get creative! (via Martha Stewart)

Flower “Welcome” Painted Pumpkin

Welcome friends and family to your home with this beautiful pumpkin that would look great on your front porch, hall table, or even as a centerpiece for your table. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

10 Ways To Paint A Pumpkin

White Home State Painted Pumpkin

Use stencils to show of your home state’s love on a pumpkin this year. These white pumpkins are definitely a hit! (via Taryn Williford)

Spiderweb Painted Pumpkin

Go for a somewhat creepier style with these spiderweb pumpkins. There’s so much you can do with tape and paint! Try black paint for an even more eerie look. (via PLAID)

Chalkboard Paint Painted Pumpkin

I never would have thought to put chalkboard paint on a pumpkin but look how well this one turned out. You could use it to show off a fake, creepy menu for your guests — or you could write a welcome message and pop it on your front porch! (via Martha Stewart)