It’s kitschy, it’s simple, it makes me think of The Red Green Show, and there’s probably some in a drawer in your house right now. Oh yes, today we’re talking about duct tape. This basic silver tape (which now comes in an incredible variety of colors and patterns too!) is strong, useful, and super versatile. Right now I’m going to share 10 ways that you can make it work for you!

10 Ways To Use Duct Tape

01. Remove lint from your clothing. Or pet hair! Just wrap it the wrong way around your hand a few times and give your clothing a pat-down. Keep some in your car just in case.

02. Make a toy car tube! Grab your empty wrapping paper (or paper towel) rolls and duct tape them together — your kids will LOVE it!

03. Makeover your bookcase. Hello, gold duct tape! Where have you been all my life?

04. Hold your drink in your car. No cup holder? Turn a roll of duct tape on its side and place your drink in it. A full roll works best — it’s heavier!

05. Make a duct tape wallet. Your teen will probably think you’re a genius.

06. Stabilize a broken window. If you have a crack in your car window or a window in your home, carefully place duct tape over the crack until it can be replaced. It’s not pretty, but it’ll stop glass from falling in or out, and will protect you and your family from cuts.

07. Open a stuck jar. Wrap some duct tape along one edge of the pickle jar lid and pull!

08. Make a wreath. Customize your very own duct tape wreath for whatever holiday you please. (This wreath is perfect for Christmas!)

09. Get rid of warts. Yeah, sounds terrible, but I’m told wearing a bit of duct tape over your plantar wart for several days can do wonders for getting rid of those stubborn warts on your feet.

10. Wrap gifts. But only if you think the gift recipient has a good sense of humor!

There you have it! Ten fun ways to use duct tape! Recently I spotted a roll of leopard print duct tape at our local dollar store and I’ve been trying to think up a way to use it… what do you think?

How do you use duct tape in your house?

Photo source: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc