Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means gift shopping will be commencing soon. As a mom myself, I’m here to help you with ideas. Because that piece of jewelry may be shiny and fancy, we may not really want or need (emphasis on need) it. But these ideas I’m listing today? We’re into these. Enjoy!

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In my 21 years of being a mom, I have received a lot of gifts from my family. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, my birthday, the holidays, or a “just because we love mom” day, the gift ideas have run the gamut. From macaroni art to lovely jewelry, each expression of love is special and unique.

Of course, I’ve greatly appreciated every present I’ve received from my kids or my partner. And I also know it’s not all about the gift. I wouldn’t be honest, however, if I didn’t say that some gifts have been better than others.

Part of the reason some of the gifts weren’t quite as memorable, is that for a long time I wasn’t truly sharing with my family what I really wanted or needed. Now that I’ve gained the wisdom and experience of motherhood, I’m comfortable sharing with you the best gifts I’ve received from my family. They’re the types of gifts other mom friends of mine like, too, so don’t be shy about asking for these – or for what you really want this Mother’s Day.



These gifts can be given for any holiday, for Mother’s Day, or for no particular reason at all, other than mom deserves it!


Self-care and wellness are unfortunately something that many moms tend to put on the back burner. A spa gift card is a perfect way to remind moms that it’s important to give yourself some pampering and special attention. A spa visit, especially a massage (my favorite) is the ultimate indulgence for mom to get rid of her stress and worry. Many spas also offer day packages, which include several services for a few hours at the spa.

If your family can’t afford to spring for a spa visit, perhaps they can buy some products for a DIY spa day at home. A face mask or serum, something for your nails, or anything that would make a soothing soak in the tub feel better.

Bonus tip for gift-givers: Clean the house while mom is at the spa visit, or before her at-home spa day.


A stay at a local hotel is one of my ideal ways to de-stress and refuel as a mom. There is a comfy bed to sleep and nap in, room service that requires no washing of dishes, a room that I don’t have to clean, a TV I have all to myself, and the silence and solitude I need to read my favorite books and write in my journal.

Pro-tip for gift-givers: Gift this with a soft robe, new pajamas, and cozy slippers for mom to wear during her hotel stay.



I once treated myself to a subscription for a monthly flower delivery service. It always brought a smile to my face when I opened each delivery of blooms. A flower subscription is a fabulous gift for moms who love fresh bouquets of flowers displayed in the house.

Most subscriptions deliver a different set of flowers each month, so it’s a beautiful surprise with each bouquet delivery. The flowers can be displayed in the arrangement they’re delivered in, or broken up and put in smaller vases. The fresh smell of flowers in the air is a real joy to wake up to each morning.

Pro-tip for gift-givers: Buy a vase or two if the flower subscription doesn’t include them in deliveries.


I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest chores moms have on their plates is keeping the house clean. It’s very difficult to juggle this task with all the other daily responsibilities. It also takes a huge investment of time and energy.

A cleaning service frees mom from this huge chore and opens up time for her to do other activities she enjoys. It also lets her spend more time with her children and family, without the distraction of a messy space. There is nothing better than coming home to a fresh, clean home.

If your family can’t afford a regular cleaning service, they can always do it once or twice a year – or do you a big favor and clean the house themselves.

Pro-tip for gift-givers: Select a cleaning service that includes linen washing and/or other laundry services.


When I get together with my mom’s friends, there is a common conversation theme we share. We long for ample time to just do nothing or simply have some fun, on our own schedule. A thoughtful and inexpensive way to lavish moms with love is by providing them a day or more off. On this day (or days), mom should have zero responsibility to cook, clean, run errands, or change diapers. She should be freed from the multiple tasks that she regularly takes care of each day.

For me, spending a day in bed with my journal, music, or new book is my favorite kind of day. I find myself breathing more intently and tapping back into my creative side. When you can reset and rest, you are likely to come back to everyday life with more energy and vigor. This has the added benefit of making the whole family happier.

Pro-tip for gift-givers: While mom is resting or out of the house having “her day,” start preparing a meal for her for when she gets back. 

These gifts are a chance to give you, your mom, or any mom you live a break from her typical day. They remind her that she is more than the title of “mom,” and appreciated for all that she is.

As a mom myself, I know how easy it is to forget that I am an individual with my own personal needs, wants, and care requirements. I’m here to remind YOU that it’s perfectly fine to express your needs to your family, and not feel one ounce of guilt about it. I’m also here to give families a gentle nudge, to help them understand thoughtful gift ideas for mom, experiences that she may appreciate more than “stuff.” Moms deserve every bit of what makes them the happiest!

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