Is the dry weather ravaging your skin and leaving your hair feeling a little lackluster? Since this is the time of year when our beauty routines need a bit of a revamping, I wanted to share some simple avocado recipes that you can be made at home to conquer your itchy skin and brittle locks this winter.

6 Avocado Beauty Recipes

I love eating avocado and papayas, but I would never have thought to put them both into a recipe for my hair! Find out how these ingredients plus three more (which you probably already have at home) can help your hair. (via The Zoe Report)

Avocado and oatmeal make for a delightful face mask that will help you soothe and hydrate your skin. A yummy treat for your pores! (via Nutrition Stripped)

Treat your hair to a delicious, moisturizing mask, which goes on wet or dry, then sit for 20 minutes to truly soak into your locks. A shower cap is a great way to keep your DIY treatment covered while you wait! (via The Chic Site)

6 Avocado Beauty Recipes

This almost looks like something you’d want to put on a salad (yum!) but no, it’s for your hair! Try it out and enjoy some seriously hydrated hair when you’re done! (via Amanda K. by the Bay)

This homemade conditioner uses a mixture of avocado and coconut oils with essential oils to make a mixture sure to leave your hair feeling refreshed and revitalized. (via Freebie Finding Mom)

Save your cracked and dry winter hands with this avocado and beeswax salve. Rubbing this into your tired skin will also help prevent further damage from being done. (via Local Kitchen Blog)