Have you ever been to a baby shower where you’ve had to sniff something weird in a diaper and guess what it was? Peanut butter? Nutella? Did they make the mom wear a paper plate hat packed with bows and ribbons? Were you pretending to smile but were actually horrified? It’s ok. We’ve all been there and we all know there’s a better way to celebrate the soon-to-be mama without embarrassing everyone in sight! Today I wanted to share some fun and cute baby shower games that won’t make you cringe — in fact, you might actually enjoy them!

Baby Shower Games That Won't Make You Cringe

I’m a bit competitive, so the sock folding game has always been tops in my books. Pick up a pack of baby socks, all different patterns, and toss them into a pile. Two at a time, party goers battle it out to see who can pair and fold the most socks before the pile runs out. Bonus: The soon-to-be mama gets to keep all the socks!

You can put a spin on the traditional He Said, She Said game by playing with Mommy and Daddy! Snag the cool customizable printables from Unoriginal Mom and see how well guests know the parents-to-be! Be sure to confirm facts with mom and dad pre-party, just to be sure you’re right! 😉

Play a game of Baby Face by asking guests to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby! Set the photos out on a table and have people write down their guesses on a piece of paper. Whoever gets the most right, wins a prize!

Have you ever played Don’t Say Baby? This one is a bit maddening and I ALWAYS lose, but it keeps folks on their toes. When guests arrive, they get two pins to attach to their shirts. If they say baby and are caught, the person who caught them out takes one of their pins. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shindig wins a prize. (Have you ever won this game? It makes me nutty but it’s fun!)

What’s In Your Purse is a fun game that’s perfect for baby or bridal showers. There’s a nifty points system where you get a certain number of points for each item on a list that’s in your purse or bag. The winner tends to be your pal with the biggest purse — but who knows! You can snag a free printable from Mallory Jarrell.

If the baby shower is going to be held outdoors, you can try out the Don’t Break Your Water game. Give a water balloon to each guest and have them hold it between their knees. The last person with a non-popped balloon wins! This gets a bit hilarious as guests try to sabotage one another! 😉

What are your most and LEAST favorite baby shower games? Link up in the comments! I’d love to see them!