I’m spending my weekend in Collingwood, Ontario, at Blue Mountain, and yesterday morning we saw our first glimpse of snow. However, having treated myself to a little shopping trip before heading to the resort, I was armed with my brand new plaid blanket scarf, which I happily wrapped myself in to combat the chill.

I’ve always been a little scarf obsessed, but this blanket scarf trend takes the cake. I just want to stay cozied up in layered wool and plaid all season long. Just like these folks below! Check out their style for a little inspiration.

Blanket Scarf Style: 6 Outfits We Love

You can rock your blanket scarf like a shawl/wrap and tie it off with a belt to add form. It’s almost like a cardigan when you wear it this way and it keeps you nice and cozy! (via La Mariposa)

Pair your scarf with a classic striped tee for a look that will basically never go out of style. (via Southern Curls & Pearls)

Not just for jeans and boots — you can style your comfortable new accessory with a brightly colored skirt too! And I love that red bag! (via Polished & Pink)

Blanket Scarf Style: 6 Outfits We Love

Stripes. Boots. Army jacket. BIG scarf. Topknot. Glasses. There’s nothing I don’t like about this look! (via La Petite Noob)

So many layers and textures in this outfit. The booties and purse add a more feminine touch to top the outfit off. Love this. (via Megan’s Moda)

The hat totally makes this outfit. I love how she’s taken a very neutral style and given it pop with her scarf. (via Southern Curls & Pearls)