There’s nothing like moving to prove just how BIG your book collection has grown. When you add together my library AND my daughters, the pages are countless, and displaying them becomes a tricky art. Are you a bookcase kinda gal? Do you keep books in one spot, or all around the house? Stacked or piled, in rows, alphabetized?

Great Gifts For Book Lovers

No matter how you like to style your books, cute bookends make your numerous tombs look neat and stylish. And it couldn’t be more simple! Liven up your spring decor with these picks. Enjoy!

Custom Metal Bookends

This is probably where you’ll want to keep your copy of The Iliad. Pick up your own unique bookends via Knob Creek Metal Arts.

Custom Wooden Bookends

I really love the texture of these wooden bookends from William Rose Designs.

Small Cast Brass Pirate Ship Bookends

Ahoy! Check out this classic brass style via SPP Now, a fabulous shop filled with vintage goodies.

Vintage Wood Carved Bookends Bookholder, Ornate wooden expandable book holder

I’m almost certain my mother had a set of ends just like these ones, spotted at Solbee Gifts. We also had a matching book holder that she always used for cookbooks.

Triceratops Bookends

Rawr! Someone’s gotta guard the books! This cute triceratops version can be found via Knob Creek Metals.

Be sure to check out last year’s collection of bookend beauties here!

PS. Want to know my moving trick for carrying a LOT of books without breaking your back? Forget about boxes! Grab a bunch of those reusable grocery bags that live in your truck or kitchen cupboards, and stack your books in there. You can only carry so many at once, and no one will curse your name when the bottom of the book-box breaks open onto their feet. Success!