My favourite toys for my daughter are ones that are open-ended, with a call to the imagination! Toys that mean my little one can play over and over, and never play quite the same way twice. The favourite in our house? Our play kitchen!

Some mornings she’s dedicated to making meals for everyone — wooden toast and butter, a cookie, or a felt pancake sandwich and a coffee for mom. Perfect! Sometimes she bakes treats, other times she’s teaching her toys to stir up concoctions and wash dishes. It’s always a delight to watch her create.

If you’re looking to add a fun play kitchen set to your home, Etsy definitely had a wealth of shops featuring handmade wooden stoves, crocheted food, and more! Just some of my favourites are below. Enjoy!

homemade play kitchens on Etsy

This beauty, created by Chokecherry Lane, would make a gorgeous addition to any play space.

homemade play kitchens on Etsy

I love the built-in shelving in this play set, made by Re-wood Toys. (And for my fellow Canucks, they’re located in Kingston, Ontario!)

homemade play kitchens on Etsy

Feeling handy? Iron Timber makes the plans for this fantastic number available in their shop. I think I might want a yellow kitchen myself! (And how adorable is the bead board back splash? So charming.)

homemade wooden eggs on Etsy

To get the cooking started, pick up some smooth, wooden eggs from Almost Crunchy.

wooden popsicles toy on Etsy

For dessert, of course! I adore these cute Popsicles by BYOI. The colours are fantastic. (And I’m currently craving a Creamsicle!)

homemade play tea bags on Etsy

Tea time? I think I should snatch up a few of these pretty little teabags for my little one. She knows mama loves her tea! This set was made by Tabitha & Hugo.

homemade knitted play vegetables on Etsy

And once more, if you’re a crafty mama, pick up a pattern for these super fun veggies by Fluff and Fuzz!

Tell about your child’s favourite open-ended toys and games. We’d love to hear what gets their imaginative juices flowing!