Owls, tea, coffee, mugs & all things woodland-themed. Trendy, fabulous, addictive. Yes?

I collect mugs of all sorts. It’s a bit of a detriment, really. My kitchen is bursting with pretty mugs of all shapes and sizes. Actually, each summer when my neighbor and I hold our collective yard sale, I often have an entire boxful of mugs looking for new homes.

However, there’s no harm in looking, right? Here are a few I wouldn’t mind adding to my medley.

Lovely Owl Coffee Mugs

1. These minimalist owl face mugs are from Andrea Tachezy (but sadly, are available no more), 2. Cute! I want to tickle this guy’s little toes! 3. Original artwork adorns these gorgeous mugs by Edwyn Collins, 4. A very sweet vintage find spotted on Etsy, 5. I recently bought a set of these plump mugs as a wedding gift for two lovely friends & 6. Another special vintage mug.

Are you an owl lover? What’s in your collection?