I love giving my home a few special touches when holidays roll around. Right now, in honour of Valentine’s Day, I have a few cute heart garlands strung from doorways, and some vintage paper ornaments hanging in the front window. If you’re in the mood to decorate with a little love, check out these fun DIY ideas below!

Valentine's Day DIY Candle01. Delightful Valentine’s Day luminaries from Creature Comforts.

simple fabric heart garland02. Simple fabric hearts garland from How About Orange.

crocheted heart Valentine's Day03. Crocheted Valentines from The Purl Bee.

fabric hearts Valentine's Day04. Pretty little pins from The Purl Bee.

Valentine's Day apron05. Adorable heart pocket apron from Say Yes To Hoboken.

Are you getting your craft on this Valentine’s Day?

We’d love to see what you’re making — please feel free to share your favourite DIY links in the comments below!