Craving Snack Jar Labels TutorialEverybody knows that there are two classes of snack cravings… sweet and salty. I tend to swing pretty violently between the two. I’ll want something sweet desperately. I get a taste and BAM, I need something salty stat! And the last thing you want to do is to be digging around in the cabinet looking for the yin for your snacky yang. Am I right?

So why not cut all of the BS and let your snacks take their rightful place on your counter top. Yeah you’ve got a pretty fruit bowl and those apples are so shiny and pretty. And you might nosh on one every now and again, but we all know that when we want to munch, it’s the sweet and salty we really crave!

For this project you will need:

  • Food safe glass jars with good lids
  • white craft viny land cutting  machine OR stick on vinyl letters from craft store
  • vinyl transfer paper (optional)
  • something sweet
  • something salty
  • lots of will power

Craving Snack Jar Labels TutorialFirst you’ll need to cut your letters out.  Just measure out the size of your jars to get the size you want, find your font (I used Chunk Five) and get to cutting.

If you’re going with store bought vinyl letters, take your jars and eyeball which size will work best for you.

Craving Snack Jar Labels TutorialIf you cut your own letters you can use vinyl transfer to make sure your letters are perfectly spaced and perfectly centered. Simply apply the adhesive side to the front of the vinyl, use a card to get the air bubbles out. Remove the backing from the vinyl. The letters should remain adhered to your sticky transfer piece.

Craving Snack Jar Labels Tutorial 

Place your lettering on your first jar, centered as much as you can eyeball it.

Craving Snack Jar Labels Tutorial

Repeat with the second jar working side by side so that they are as symmetrical as possible. Oh, and don’t do salty twice like I did. It’s just more work than necessary. Oops!

Craving Snack Jar Labels Tutorial 

And this is where the will power comes in… Fill those suckers up.

Craving Snack Jar Labels TutorialNow when you need to nosh you’ve got your sweet

Craving Snack Jar Labels Tutorialand your salty right there and ready to go!