One of the highlights of the #DisneyInHomeBloggers event I attended was touring Disney’s Animation Research Library. Located in a super top secret building under high security, the ARL hosts over 65 MILLION (yes, I said million) pieces of Disney animation art. No photographs or cell phones were allowed during our visit.

The archives that live in the Animation Research Library include work from the very first Disney animation films to recent Disney movies. Though the collection of early work is sparse, there are beautiful glass panels still preserved from Bambi, Cinderella and more. Witnessing these familiar scenes of hand painted art was simply amazing.

In addition to both new and old animation art, the ARL also hosts Disney movie puppets, sculptures, props and more. One of the most exciting moments for me was seeing a few of the original The Nightmare Before Christmas puppets and Pinocchio!

Every piece that lives in the Animation Research Library is meticulously documented and archived in both an online and physical filing system. All artwork is photographed using an extremely high resolution camera and backed up on several external hard drives.

Experiencing Disney’s Animation Research Library was a unique experience that I will not soon forget. A big “thank you” to Disney for allowing me to do so!

Cinderella: Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD will be available October 2, 2012, so make sure you pick up a copy!

Disclosure: Disney covered my travel, accommodations and activities during my stay in Los Angeles for the #DisneyInHomeBloggers event. Thoughts are my own. All images are property of Disney.