I am all over this whole geometric thing. Like, all over it. Triangles have always been my favorite shape (not a heart or a star, imagine what kind of weird art a kid makes when asked to do a drawing with their favorite shape!) and it just makes sense to include them in the DIY art in my home decor.

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod Podge

Now painting a bunch of triangles is a pain in the neck. It’s either practically impossible to make your corners nice and sharp, or you have to tape off your triangles, allow them to dry, tape off the next set. My gosh, that sounds irritating and time-consuming, never-mind a total waste of tape!

So I cut out a bunch of squares and sliced them across to make a bunch of triangles from scrapbooking paper in the color scheme I’m going for in my home office craft room. I found a book at Wal-Mart for $5 with all of the colors I needed (and then some) and I gotta tell you for five bucks the price is right!

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod Podge For this project you will need:

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod Podge 

I am super bad at math. It’s like a thing and everyone knows it. Since mathematically figuring out where to place my triangles for symmetry in the finished piece I had to old school it. All you have to do is lay out the triangles along the bottom and one side edge. Move and finagle until there is the same amount of overhang of the first and last triangle on each side. Then use one as your starting point and get after it!

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod Podge

Very lightly apply Mod Podge to the backside of your first triangle and place accordingly.

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod PodgeContinue to build your first row, leaving the occasional blank spot so our gorgeous wood can show through.

Keep on going until the entire canvas is filled. If you start to get things a bit wonky, skip a triangle or two to reset the pattern correctly. It’s hardly noticeable if you do need to do this (I did twice!)

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod PodgeAllow to fully dry and take a SHARP razor blade and trim the excess paper from the edges.

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod PodgeAnd there is my DIY art all ready to go! I love how the wood shows through and gives it some real interest!

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod PodgeAnd the nice, clean wood sides just plain look fab.

DIY Geometric Wall Art with Mod Podge And there it is in its permanent home in my craft room! It’s such a nice pop of color on my beige walls and I love how simple the whole project was (and inexpensive -can’t beat cheap art!)

What do you think? Will you be cutting out a whole mess of triangles any time soon?