If you work from home, you’ve probably had your share of disorganized moments when you can’t see your desk and it takes 15 minutes just to find a pencil in all the clutter. Whether you have a dedicated home office in a room of its own, or if your “office” is a desk in the corner of your kitchen or family room, keeping it tidy, organized, and beautiful is a huge factor in the successes you’ll see in your work and life. It may sound silly to say that a tidy work area can boost your productivity, but believe me, it will. A clear desk = a clear mind, and you’ll feel so darn productive in your mellow feeling office space.

I love to have a clear desk, a calendar, plenty of space (usually a notebook) for writing lists and ideas, plus a place for all of my gadgets and tools. There are tons of products you can buy to keep your desk and workspace tidy, but today I want to share some awesome DIY ideas that’ll keep you in top shape and help you kick some serious butt in 2015. Get organized, get excited about your work again, and your productivity will shine!

5 Cool DIY Ideas For Your Home Office

Paint Chip Calendar via Maple & Magnolia | Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser via Design Milk | DIY Iron Mesh Mood Board via My Paradissi |Vintage Tin Organization via Country Living | DIY Golden Animal Topped Jar via The Office Stylist

I hope these ideas inspire you to whip your home office into shape this year!