The next few weeks, as summer slowly transitions into Fall, are some of my favorite weeks of the year. Finally having to pull on a cardigan when you leave the house, trading in your strappy sandals for leather boots, and perhaps pulling on a pair of fabulously functional fingerless gloves.

Fabulous Fingerless Gloves For Fall

For the photographers, habitual texters, Instagram addicts, or anyone who can’t stand the feeling of static that follows touching your hair with a gloved hand — fingerless gloves are a must-have for the upcoming season. Check out a few of my favorite styles below!

Fall Trend: Fingerless Gloves

Fabulous Fingerless Gloves For Fall

Classic cable style in a beautifully soft lamb’s wool, available in 16 customizable colors via Evelda’s Neverland.

Fashion Friday: Fabulous Fingerless Gloves For Fall

I had to include these precious owl-style gloves for Mom Spark head honcho, Amy — she’s a bit of an owl fanatic, did you know? Pick up a pair of these cuties from Afra! (They also made some very sweet heart-patterned gloves!)

Fashion Friday: Fabulous Fingerless Gloves For Fall

I love the scale design featured in these “dragon egg” gloves by Mare Shop. They also come in a gorgeous ombre color scheme.

Fashion Friday: Fabulous Fingerless Gloves For Fall

I had to share this pair after my recent trip to the Butterfly Conservatory with my daughter. Gorgeous design — these are my favorite pick for Fall! Created by Left Twist Knits.

Brown Fingerless Gloves

Coffee brown gloves in a wool and angora blend. Perfect for sipping your favorite brew on a chilly Autumn afternoon. Check out MarryGKnitCrochet for knitted goodness.

Gray Fingerless Gloves

Have you ever tried to use your phone with mittens on? Not fun at all! Try these heart grey gloves by Afra.

My hands are almost always cold in the Fall and Winter — even when I’m inside — so you’ll sometimes find me typing away at my computer, wearing a pair of fingerless gloves to keep my hands nice and cozy! Add in a hot cup of tea and I’m happy!

Will you be embracing the fingerless glove trend this Fall?