You made it through Thanksgiving, your bellies are filled with turkey, ham, and ALL THE PIE! Now that you’re fully into the holiday swing of things, it’s time to get your home ready for Christmas. And what’s one fantastic way to get you and your brood in the holiday spirit? Why it’s craft time, of course! Get the glue, the glitter, and the greenery — and check out these fun holiday crafts for the whole family!

15 Holiday Crafts For The Whole Family!

What is the Most Popular Christmas Craft?

Determining the single most popular Christmas craft can be subjective, as it often depends on current trends and individual preferences. However, some perennially popular Christmas crafts include making ornaments, wreaths, and personalized decorations. Additionally, activities like DIY holiday cards, festive garlands, and homemade stockings tend to be widely enjoyed. The popularity of specific crafts may vary each year, influenced by emerging trends and creative innovations within the crafting community.

15 Holiday Crafts For The Whole Family!

Why Making Crafts with the Whole Family is Special

Making crafts with the whole family is special for several heartwarming reasons:

Bonding Time: Crafting together provides an opportunity for quality bonding, allowing family members to spend time together in a shared, creative activity.

Memorable Moments: The process of crafting often creates lasting memories, with each project becoming a cherished reminder of the time spent together.

Creative Expression: Crafting encourages creative expression, allowing each family member to showcase their individuality and imagination in a shared space.

Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a craft project as a family fosters a sense of accomplishment and teamwork, promoting a positive and supportive environment.

Learning and Development: Crafting involves various skills, from fine motor skills for the little ones to more intricate techniques for older family members, contributing to ongoing learning and development.

Personalized Gifts: Crafting often involves making personalized gifts, creating heartfelt and meaningful presents that hold sentimental value.

Fostering Tradition: Engaging in crafting as a family can become a cherished tradition, creating a sense of continuity and shared experiences over the years.

Stress Relief: Crafting is known to be a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity, making it a wonderful way for the family to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

In essence, making crafts with the whole family adds a layer of joy, connection, and creativity to shared moments, creating a tapestry of special experiences that endure in the family’s collective memory.

15 Holiday Crafts For The Whole Family!

1. HO HO HO Paper Mache And Mod Podge

Ho Ho Ho - Mod Podge Christmas Decor DIY

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2. Stained Glass Santa Votives

Stained Santa Votives DIY Craft

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3. Holiday Bow Wreath

DIY Holiday Gift Bow Wreath

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4. Gum Drop Ornaments

Gum Drop Ornament

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5. Colorfully Lit Christmas Tree Cone Craft

Colorfully Lit Christmas Tree Cone Craft

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6. Glitter Clothespin Snowflakes

Glitter Clothespin Snowflakes

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7. Hand Painted Mini Canvas Ornaments

Painted Canvas Christmas Ornaments

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8. Glitter Name Tags

DIY Glitter Present Gift Name Tags

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9. Pine Cone Elf

Easy Pine Cone Elf Christmas Craft

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10. Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments

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11. Big Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

DIY Gigantic Popsicle Stick Snowflakes Craft

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12. Candy Cane Reindeers

Candy Cane Reindeer Christmas Craft

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13. Paper Gift Gift Bows

DIY Paper Gift Bows for Presents

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14. Pegboard Christmas Tree Holder 

DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree Card Holder

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15. Scented Pine Cones

Make pretty decorative pine cones in your favorite scent!

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