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Smart Marketing & Content

When coming up with the name and direction of Mom Spark, my biggest challenge was thinking of a theme that represented ME but was also marketable and desirable. I wanted a cool place for moms to share tips and be inspired but also aimed for a site that was appealing for brands and businesses to partner with.

I worried that having “mom” in my blog’s name would limit me to a strict stereotypical mom dialogue, but it proved to be a smart move. In the parenting niche, I could always stay relevant, just as long as I didn’t make the site all about ME.

How To Make Six Figures a Year Blogging

Of course, I did plan to integrate my own experiences as a woman and mother into my storytelling, but the site itself could be an ode to all mothers, not just me, Amy, the mother. So, in the next ten years when my children were both adults and moved out of the house, Mom Spark could still stay up and running creating beautiful content and meaningful partnerships. I could also host new authors, contributors, and guest posts indefinitely who were new moms. After all, there is a new mom born every single day, or should I say…a new mom is giving birth every single day. 🙂

My point in sharing this story isn’t to say that every new or old blogger should create a magazine-type parenting site exactly like Mom Spark to have success, or that a veteran blogger couldn’t possibly change their niche or direction at any time. Nope, not at all. What I’m trying to stress is that it’s wise to be mindful of what your ultimate goals are, including the name of your blog, while authentically creating content that also allows the blog to monetize.

When you write about what you know or what you want to know, you will never have trouble creating content, especially if you’re also learning and evolving (more on evolution coming) along the way.

How To Make Six Figures a Year Blogging

If you have the foundation of what you do know (and let’s be real – we all know SOMETHING), you can continue to fuel your blog with new and exciting pieces. But remember this – you gotta like what you are sharing and it must be relatable to not only you but your community that reads it. If not, your goals, content, and blog will fall flat and you (and your readers) will be bored to tears.


How To Make Six Figures a Year Blogging

Business Savvy & Professionalism

Before blogging, I was an eBay Power Seller. During those years, I learned basic business skills like completing deadlines on time, communicating effectively with customers and clients, advertising, marketing, and making the best product possible.

This experience not only lead me to create a marketable blog but also prepared me for the world of business. I knew that raising the bar and taking this path seriously would lead to a loyal audience and possible work. And I loved doing it. I still do.

How To Make Six Figures a Year Blogging

The good news is that you don’t need past business experience to have a successful blog. You just have to love the content and work (you may be noticing a theme here). If your only goal is to make money, you likely won’t. If you think you can speed up the process or cut corners, you will fail (see more on that below).

Instead, you have to absolutely adore it. If you are currently blogging and have lost passion for the niche or topics you cover, it’s okay to change directions. Stick to what you love. The biggest challenge with long-term success in any venture is commitment and consistency, so jumping all over the place likely results in burnout, lack of motivation, and missed goals.

No Cut Corners & Learning Patience

In this field, cutting corners often leads to dead ends. Even though blogging is a social media career, most opportunities and paid jobs are provided through word of mouth. Yup. This old-school form of marketing is still in full effect through in-person and virtual recommendations. Honest work means EVERYTHING and that will never fizzle out, even in this world of the web.

How To Make Six Figures a Year Blogging

Though it may seem like purchased followers, comments, engagement, or traffic is a quick way to impress brands and new visitors, it only brings about a host of problems that cannot be recovered from. Just don’t do it. If you are currently doing it, stop and start fresh.

Blog growth is and should be a slow progression. Patience is hard but reaps the best rewards.

Making a full-time income from blogging and social media work took me years. In fact, I didn’t receive my first paid post until nearly a year after I launched my site, and it was only for a mere $15. I’ll never forget how ecstatic I was! It wasn’t the amount of the post that was exciting, but the validation that I could potentially make more. The experience inspired me to keep going and get better.

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How to Make Six Figures Blogging