Having lived in Oklahoma the past 41 years, I know a thing or two about severe weather and tornadoes. I grew up avoiding them and now spend my time as a parent protecting my family from the same thing.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

When we know that a tornado is headed our direction, we grab our tornado emergency kit and head to a nearby shelter. Today, I’ve partnered with Rayovac on a post that goes over items that are important to have in a family tornado emergency kit.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

Let’s get started.

Tornado Emergency Kit

Rayovac Portable Charger. This amazing battery provides three phone charges, which is important to keep your phone up and running during a severe storm.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

Recharge this unit every 6 months to a USB outlet so that it’s always ready to go!

Battery Powered Radio. It’s necessary to stay connected to weather information and alerts during a storm, especially when the electricity goes out, so having a battery powered radio in the kit is a must.

Rayovac “Virtually Indestructible” Flashlight. I love this tough flashlight (which includes Rayovac batteries) because it’s small and mighty for those moments when the house or shelter is dark and powerless.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

It’s waterproof, shatterproof, and ready for whatever the storm has in store for it!

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

First Aid Kit. Having a basic first aid kit in your emergency kit is important for any cuts or scrapes that may occur on the way to or inside the shelter, especially for children.

Rayovac Indestructible LED 3D Lantern. Light up the darkest areas with this tough, waterproof lantern!

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

There is even a handy hook on the bottom and on top of the light so that you can conveniently hang the lantern, too.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

With three settings, it’s incredibly bright in the darkest of situations. Rayovac recommends only putting batteries into the radio when you need it – even though the radio is off it will still slowly drain some of the power from the batteries over time.

Bottled Water and Non-perishable Snacks. Waiting out a tornado can take time, so it’s important to keep bottled water on hand to stay hydrated. In addition, non-perishable snacks, like granola bars and dried fruit, can help pass the time and supplement hunger during a severe storm.

Rayovac Batteries. Of course, having Rayovac batteries on hand during a tornado threat is extremely important for powering flashlights, radios, and more.

What You Need for a Tornado Emergency Kit

Make sure that you stock up on the proper battery sizes you need to power the devices you have in your kit.

It’s never too early or too late to put a tornado emergency kit together! I hope this post inspires you to build your family’s kit today.

Learn more about Rayovac batteries and products for your tornado kit by visiting www. Rayovac.com!

This post is sponsored by Rayovac.