You know how some people say they’ll never have kids until they’re ready, or they won’t look for a job they love because they’re not ready to leave the old one… or maybe they won’t host that amazing family dinner because their new home isn’t ready for company? Hear me out, but I don’t think we’re ever really ready for anything. Better prepared? Sure. But ready? Probably not — there’s always ONE more thing we could be doing, one more thing to improve, change, “finish”, and so on.

This post is dedicated to all those out there who are keen to keep on decorating, but maybe don’t want to blow their budget on a brand new, intensive project each week — tI hope you feel inspired, my friend!

9 Simple Home Decor Hacks

01. I would love to make this DIY crate boot rack by our back door. We have a narrow space that would be perfect for a smaller version! It drives me nuts having all of our soggy winter footwear strewn across the laminate flooring. (Finding Home)

02. Such a cool way to update a boring old bathtub! I never would have thought of this! (Lovely Crafty Home)

03. Teacups for jewelry storage? Brilliant. Whether they’re tucked into a drawer or displayed on your dresser, they’ll look fabulous and they’ll keep you organized. (Marcus Design)

04. Did you know you can paint linoleum flooring? This DIY is simple yet totally effective — wait til you see what it looked like BEFORE the makeover! (Designer Trapped)

05. We have so many gadgets and things that need charging each day — it would be great to have them out of sight without the cords hanging about. (Houzz)

9 Simple Home Decor Hacks

06. Would you believe this fridge was made over with gold duct tape?? LOVE IT. (The Everygirl)

07. A little LEGO in the kitchen? Love this idea! March Break is upon us and I think my daughter and I will have to make something like this LEGO utensil holder ASAP! (The Kitchn)

08. This printed burlap table runner was created for a Thanksgiving look, but you could customize it to say whatever you’d like. I think this would make an awesome wall-hanging too — since they’re all the rage right now! (I Spy DIY)

09. I’ve always dreamed of a canopy bed and this idea is just lovely! I love the draped look of the fabric here — though I wonder if I’d knock it down? Either way — totally dreamy! (Domaine Home)