When I was a kid, I spent my summers in the water. Be it a lake or a pond or a pool, I’d be happy swimming and splashing from morning til night, barely stopping to eat, and by bedtime, I’d have some seriously pruney fingers and I’m completely exhausted. Swimming WAS summer. My own daughter — she turned 6 earlier this year — is also a little fish. She has her swimming lessons at the local pool all year, but I’m really excited for when we can head to the beach and to the pond at our trailer!

Her favorite water toys are pool noodles, which are so simple, but can be used for so many different things — in the pool and on dry land! Today I wanted to share some cool ways to use pool noodles that are fun for summertime… and ALL the time! From games and educational toys to fun DIYs and craft ideas, I think you’re going to love them!

20 Ways To Use Pool Noodles

20 Ways To Use Pool Noodles

01. Make a race track for tiny toy cars!

02. Pool noodle luminaries.

03. Make a simple bed “rail” by putting pool noodles under the sheets.

04. Keep your boots in great shape!

05. Get the kids involved and make a pool noodle playhouse.

06. Make a “ball” pit out of a big bucket or kiddie pool and cut up pool noodles.

07. Make pool noodle hobby horses from noodles, socks, and some decorations.

08. Keep your quilts uncreased.

09. Cut up your noodles to make a pool noodle garland.

10. Make funky beach party decorations.

11. Make a pool noodle water wall.

12. My daughter would love this pool noodle sprinkler!

13. Make a beverage float.

14. You can make a pom pom shooter!

15. Use a pool noodle to help fill your mop bucket without making a mess or lifting a heavy bucket!

16. Bubble wands!

17. Make a set of quiet blocks for your toddler.

18. Make a wreath!

19. Use a bit of pool noodle as a door stop to help kid’s fingers from being pinched.

20. Make a jumbo popsicle garland.