How often do you reach for that jar of turmeric in your spice cupboard? Depending on your favorite types of cuisine or your tastes in cooking, you might grab for it every single day, or you may not even have any in the house. Today I wanted to share some very interesting ways that you can turmeric in your daily life — whether it’s in a new recipe, a skincare DIY, or as a dye! There are so many ways to use it, powdered or fresh. Curious yet? Keep reading!

Ways To Use Turmeric

I learned about the glories of turmeric milk a few years ago when I was introduced to it by a friend. Ever since I’ve been pretty hooked. Turmeric is said to be wonderful for fighting inflammation and this surprisingly delicious drink, which combines turmeric, honey, ginger, and more, is the perfect way to consume it. (via Nutrition Stripped)

You can use a combination of turmeric and aloe vera externally to help soothe burns, bites, eczema, chickenpox, or poison ivy. (via Wellness Mama)

Add turmeric to your dinner to add incredible flavor and color! I can’t wait to try this delicious ginger and turmeric aromatic rice. It looks gorgeous. (via The Roasted Root)

You can use turmeric to whiten your teeth too! The “during” snapshots might not look glamourous, but the results look awesome. (via Mommypotamus)

If you’re looking for another way to get the benefits of turmeric into your system this season, you can make a homemade turmeric supplement bomb with either coconut oil or honey. You’ll love these! (via Empowered Sustenance)

Battle the sick season blues with these cold busting gummies that are perfect for you and your kids. Pop a few to give your immune system a kick! (via The Cook’s Pyjamas)

If you’d rather sip your supplement, try this delicious turmeric and honey super booster which is said to help with seasonal allergy support as well. Gotta love that. (via With Food + Love)