DIY Candy Cane Reindeer

Ah, ’tis the season of joy, happiness and laughter – my favorite time of year!

One of the reasons that I look forward to the holidays is that I get extra time with my family. With several days off of work and school, we are able to slow down a bit, eat together more and create those special memories that only this time of year can bring.

We have several traditions in our home, one of which is making homemade gifts for our friends and family. We truly believe that receiving a present that is made by hand can be the most special to receive. Creating it together is even better!

This year, we decided to create something that we did years ago, but it was so much fun that we’re bringing it back – Candy Cane Reindeer.


For this craft you will need:

– Candy canes (any colors you wish)
– Googly eyes
– Pipe cleaners (any colors you wish)
– Red pom poms
– Jingle bells
– Hot glue gun


Simply use the hot glue gun to:

  1. Apply the red pom-pom and eyes.
  2. Thread a jingle bell through each end of the pipe cleaner; fold over to secure.
  3. Style your antlers to your liking.
  4. Mix it up by using fun candy cane colors, too

Aren’t these fun? The reindeer can be used to hang on a tree, as a gift topper or just to display with your holiday décor! The kids love making these and they are a fun surprise to the gift recipient.