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Tuscan-Inspired Pizza Pasta

There’s nothing that brings family together like a hearty serving of pasta with a side of good conversation, quality time, and perhaps a drop of wine or two. Especially as the cold weather starts to knock on our front door, I think that a...


Hot Apple Cider Toddy

Has cool air hit your location yet? It is hard to believe that we’re already deep into October , but I can’t deny that I’m all-too-excited to eat, drink and live everything fall! This hot apple cider toddy is sure to get you in the...


Must-Have Coats For Winter

Ok, don’t panic. I’m sorry I’ve said the “w” word (ahem, WINTER) and we’re barely two weeks into October, but you’ll just have to bear with me. I’m all about preparing ahead for the colder months, and since I’m in southern Ontario, they cold weather...