We’ve been having some unseasonably warm weather (heck, we don’t even have any snow yet) which comes with a few perks other than not having to drive on the icy streets. For one, I get to keep wearing my favorite non-winter footwear.

Since I’ve been rocking out in my favorite pair of booties this week, I thought I might share some stylish and affordable pairs with you!

10 Booties Under $100

She’s Got It Bootie (via UOIOnline)

Mad Maxx Double Buckle Suede Booties (via Nana Macs)

In My Red High Heels (via Athena Attire)

The Desert Booties (via Spool No. 72)

Marnie Suede Lace-Up Boot (via Urban Outfitters)

10 Booties Under $100

Icicle River Moccasins (via Spool No. 72)

Dindle Suede Ankle Boot (via Urban Outfitters)

No Studded Way Fringe Booties (via Nana Macs)

Bash Ankle Booties By Chelsea Crew (via Ruche)

The Billie Plaid Booties (via Spool No. 72)