We have a very narrow bathroom, so organization space is a BIG deal in our house. We also have a teensy bathroom at our trailer — which means I’m pretty much always on the hunt for fun and attractive ways to organize makeup, Q-tips, shampoo bottles, towels, and all that other bathroom jazz.

Today I’ve gathered up 10 cool ideas that’ll help us all get a little more organized in our WCs!

10 Cool Ideas To Organize Your Bathroom

01. A collection of fragrances looks incredible on a cake stand! You could also use this idea for makeup, or soaps. Love it! Spotted over at Cosmopolitan.

02. If you have a collection of small items that you want to keep on your counter without it looking at all cluttered, you can grab a gorgeous tray and a beautiful bowl to keep your items tidy! Thanks to Eat. Sleep. Decorate. for this lovely idea.

03. Keeping your toilet paper out is great for guests is handy, but it’s not the most attractive. Pop those rolls in a woven basket and you’re good to go! Thanks to Real Simple for this tip!

04. Jenna Burger has a great idea for maximizing your towel space by adding not one, but two towel bars to the back of the door. Great for families — or keeping your towel separate from your spouse’s!

10 Cool Ideas To Organize Your Bathroom

05. How pretty are these jars from eighteen25! Keep cotton balls, hair elastics, or whatever else you’d like in these beautiful DIY containers.

06. Jeanna Burger is a great choice for bathroom organization, but sometimes it can come off as sterile. Golden Boys & Me has used it in a way that appears more hotel than a hospital!

07. Build your own custom drawer organizer to keep your items in order! Find out how via Organized Mom.

10 Cool Ideas To Organize Your Bathroom

08. A drawer organizer is a great way to keep nail polish from rolling around every single time you open the drawer. No more broken bottles! Check out more bathroom ideas via A Beautiful Mess.

09. Get the most out of your bathroom vanity storage with these cool StickOnPods.

10. These gorgeous containers from IKEA make for a pretty addition to your bathroom — and they are actually meant for plants. Love the lacy details! (via MakeupSavvy)

PS. If you’re always losing your hair elastics, this idea is brilliant!