Halloween can offer a spectrum of experiences, from thrilling and spooky to downright gross. Explore these 10 Halloween Food Recipes that are sure to give you the shivers.

Halloween Can Be Gross

Halloween can either be really fun and spooky or it can be flat-out disgusting. That’s no different a situation when it comes to Halloween food and treats.

Whether you’re using way too much ketchup to get the perfect amount of bloody ‘goodness’ or shaping things out of meat, you’re sure to either gag or have a blast looking through these Halloween food recipes.

Gross Halloween Recipes

10 Halloween Food Recipes That Will Gross You Out

I’m here to completely gross you out with these 10 Halloween food recipes:

10 Halloween Food Recipes that Will Gross You Out

1. Bloody Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Halloween Bloody Severed Finger Hot Dogs Recipe

source / salt canary

2. Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts

Halloween Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts Recipe

source / nerdist

3. Dirty Earwax Q-Tip Treats

Halloween Dirty Earwax Q-Tip Treats Recipe

source / she saved

4. Halloween Feet Loaf

Halloween Feet Loaf Recipe

source / my name is snickerdoodle

5. Flayed Man Cheese Ball

Halloween Flayed Man Cheese Ball Recipe

source / all recipes

6. Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese

Halloween Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese Recipe

source / cooking with curls

7. Halloween Meatball Eyes

Halloween Meatball Eyes Recipe

source / everyday dishes

8. Crunchy Cheese Stuffed Date Roaches

Halloween Crunchy Cheese Stuffed Date Roaches Recipe

source / nerdy mamma

9. Cold Sore Cupcakes

Halloween Cold Sore Cupcakes Recipe

source / evilcakes

10. Bloody Eyeball Brownies

Halloween Bloody Eyeball Brownies Recipe

source / texan erin