Oh coffee, you beautiful thing you. You’re a part of my every morning and many busy afternoons. You’re cozy, you’re warm, and you keep me going. I could wax poetic about coffee for hours (perhaps years!) but I’ll spare you and get to the point, folks! Today’s post is all about my BFF coffee AND all of the fabulous things you can do with it besides guzzling it down in an attempt to wake up each morning, of course.

Take a peek below to find out 10 interesting ways to use coffee. (Probably you should read this post while drinking coffee. It’s only fitting!)

10 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee!

01. Keep your car smelling fabulous! Tuck a cup of freshly ground coffee beans somewhere in your vehicle to absorb all those funky odors that might linger inside — like smelly gym bags or fast food! Replace it every few weeks.

02. Exfoliate! Coffee makes for a fantastic exfoliant! (I love this Coffee And Sugar Scrub from Freutcake!)

03. Clean cooking smells off your hands! You can use a scoop of coffee grounds with your soap to scrub your hands in the kitchen. After rinsing it off, all onion/garlic/etc. smells will be gone!

04. Add a lovely scent to your home! Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a jar of coffee beans to add a lovely scent to your living room, bedroom, or foyer. (Try these Scents In A Jar from I Heart Nap Time!)

05. Deodorize your fridge! In place of baking soda, you can use an open container of dry coffee grounds to help neutralize odors and keep your fridge smelling fresh.

06. Paint a picture! Get the kids involved and brew up some “paint” together before setting out with brushes to make something special. Brew your coffee extra strong or extra long in a French press for a nice dark color. Use white paper for the best results!

07. Clean your fireplace! Sprinkle damp coffee grounds onto your fireplace ashes before cleaning them up. This will help to minimize the cloud of ash as you sweep.

08. Keep critters out of your garden! Most of the animals who are trying to destroy your flowers have a sense of smell much greater than ours and they tend to stay away from the strong coffee odor.

09. Scrub your dishes! Add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to a dishrag to use as an abrasive on your pots and pans. Mind pans with a coating — don’t scrub too hard, just enough to loosen stuck-on grime.

10. Make chocolate-covered coffee beans! Do we even need a reason for this one? So tasty! (Try this recipe via Intimate Weddings.)

And there you have it, folks! Ten ways to use coffee… now go give ’em a try!

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Photo source: Brian PDX via photopin cc