Traveling is always an adventure.

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of excitement that comes from planning, packing, and getting on your way. However, there are some things that most people could likely do without when they’re hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour to their final destination. 

Like these ten super gross things people do on airplanes:

1. Taking off your shoes AND SOCKS

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PSA: If you are ultimately going to unsheathe your feet from their footwear, don’t have them ruminate in their own sweat and stank. Please, for the sake of us all, just wear sandals (without socks) to the airport.

2. Opening a bag of salt and vinegar chips

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This is literally no one’s bag of chips. Do not.

3. Picking your nose


I’m talking really getting in there to dig for the gold. This is not the lottery, these are your nostrils.

4. Forgetting deodorant

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Now don’t get me wrong. There’s forgetting deodorant and then there’s FORGETTING deodorant. Please do not willingly smell like a ripe athlete when your preferred exercise is clearly jogging your memory for the plot line of that one episode of The X-Files.

5. Dipping tobacco

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In case you are unaware, this giant metal contraption that is magically transporting you to another place, hundreds of miles away, is not a horse. This is not the wild west. There is also no acceptable place to spit your dip in this type of confined space.

6. Going for round two of the salt and vinegar chips

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Can you not?

7. Clipping your toenails

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I’d really like to know the moment they added “handle personal hygiene” into the TSA guidelines. I think that page fell out of my pamphlet.

8. Walking around barefoot

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Do you not know how many people have possibly thrown up on this floor? Do you?

9. Passing gas

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All bodily functions should be reserved for the lavatories. Don’t you dare tamper with my nostrils in this flying tin can.

10. Talking too close

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As much as I love hearing about your dog’s nephew puppy and the crazy things it gets into, I can barely hear it over your hot, hot, sour breath stroking my cheek.

Anything we missed? Tell us what totally gross things could you do without on your next flight.