Every single morning, my daughter has been asking about Easter. She is PUMPED, folks. The other day I accidentally left a bag out in plain view, which just happened to have an Easter gift hidden inside. Thankfully she only caught a glimpse, but she knew it was a secret and was very sheepish about it. I’ll have to pass this particular gift off as being from mom instead of the Easter Bunny, but it definitely sparked some serious “IS IT EASTER YET?” questioning.

Since the big day is nearly here, we’ll be decorating our eggs this week and of course, this blogging mama is on Pinterest for ages looking for cool ideas. Here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

10 Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs!

I’m obsessed with these Sharpie eggs from mom.me. How is this something I’ve never thought of before? Brilliant, simple — love it!

Mom Spark‘s Allison made some awesome glitter eggs recently and I have a feeling your kids will LOVE them! Kids love everything that involved glitter — I think it’s because it takes us 6 months to clean it all up. Ha!

Decorate your eggs with dye and herbs for a beautiful, natural look. I love this DIY from Adventures In Cooking.

These dip-dyed eggs are totally last-minute friendly, but also quite lovely! Find out how to make them via Vicky Barone.

Did you know you can decorate eggs with patterned napkins? We recently shared a DIY on Mom Spark that’ll show you exactly how to master this technique.

10 Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs!

Send a little message in your child’s school lunch with these lunch note eggs over at Lil’ Luna. You could also make these with your kids and have them spell out Easter greetings or their own names!

These golden eggs from Squirrelly Minds make me think of one thing — Willy Wonka!

Obviously Sweet shares their simple black and white eggs, which are a pretty rad adult version of your classic Easter egg. I dig the minimalist style!

My daughter LOVES temporary tattoos. She’d be head-to-toe tats if I let her, but I feel like that might be a distraction at school… so we’ll stick to one or two at a time, eh? Check out Brit + Co‘s ideas for temp tattoo Easter eggs!

LOVE these watercolor eggs over at Spoon Fork Bacon. They’ve also shared a tasty recipe in the same post, in case you get hungry with all this egg-decorating!