Today I’m sharing ten ways, from baths to facial scrubs, that you can do with oatmeal! You are sure to be surprised!

When I was little, oatmeal was my favorite breakfast. My mom would make it for me each morning before school, and when I went to my grandmother’s house to visit for the weekend, we’d make it together, trying new fruits and preserves as toppings, sprinkling brown sugar, or pouring maple syrup on top. Ok, just talking about oatmeal is making me want to chomp down a big bowl of it right now! However, this post isn’t just about all the tasty ways you can EAT oatmeal. Today I’m sharing all sorts of things you can do with these versatile grains. Enjoy!

10 Ways To Use Oatmeal

We’ve all heard about the effectiveness of a soothing oatmeal bath, but have you ever tried it? This is one that my mother employed when I had chickenpox as a child, and I’ve used it with my daughter too. Just add a few cups of oatmeal to your warm water and soak away. You can also add some essential oils, like lavender if you’d like! It feels amazing!

You can also take your oatmeal bath one step further by making your own homemade oatmeal bath bombs. You only need five ingredients for this recipe from Passion For Savings.

10 Ways To Use Oatmeal

Is your morning super hectic? If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy recipe that you can make ahead for those school days when you just don’t have time to get ready and make a big breakfast, these homemade instant oatmeal cups from Nellie Bellie are the way to go. You can easily customize them ahead of time to suit everyone’s tastes — then just add boiling water in the morning and head out.

You can put oatmeal in your food processor or blender to grind it down to power, making your very own flour substitute. Great in any recipe where you’d normally use wheat flour.

Have you ever made a sensory bin for your kids? You can use all sorts of things for the base, but a colorful selection of dyes oats makes for a beautiful rainbow! Check out how to make this awesome, tactile activity at And Next Comes L.

Did you know you can use oatmeal as a dry shampoo substitute? For the blonds in the audience, you can use a handful of oatmeal to take away that pesky oil right at your roots. Just rub some oatmeal into your scalp, then brush the remaining bits out with a bristle brush so you don’t look like a walking breakfast cereal. Forget about salon products, you have everything you need in your kitchen!

10 Ways To Use Oatmeal

Try making your own simple face scrub using oatmeal, a dollop of honey, and some plain yogurt. Gently rub it into your skin before washing it away and following up with your favorite moisturizer.

Are cold hands and feet getting you down throughout the winter months? Try this incredible warming mask made with oatmeal. My feet are always freezing so I can’t wait to try this idea from One Good Thing. I bet it’ll leave my feet feeling all nice and smooth too!

10 Ways To Use Oatmeal

The next time you spill grease or oil on your kitchen counter, don’t reach for a dishcloth or paper towel. Instead, grab a handful of oatmeal and let it sit on on the spill for a little while, soaking up all the mess. Then you can more easily remove the mess before washing the area.

Treat your hands to a nourishing scrub using oatmeal, cinnamon, brown sugar, and coconut oil! Not only will they feel good… but the whole experience will smell amazing! This recipe from A Mom’s Take would make for a great holiday gift as well. I know I’d like to try it!

Image source: Oats & Barley via photopin (license)