If you are one of the LOVE team when it comes to this simple appetizer, check out the yummy deviled egg recipes!

When I find myself around the table at a buffet or a potluck, my eyes tend to scan for a few key things. Number one on my must-try list? Deviled eggs. I have no idea when my obsession with this simple snack came from, but my mom used to make them every Easter and I couldn’t stay away. Deviled eggs also seem to be a polarizing recipe — either you LOVE them or HATE them, but that’s ok with me. My partner doesn’t like eggs at all, which means all the more for me!

If you are one of the LOVE team when it comes to this simple appetizer, check out the yummy deviled egg recipes below! So many interesting flavors to try. I bet you’ll wow the crowd at any gathering this holiday season with the ideas below!

10 Ways To Make Deviled Eggs

Adding bacon to just about any recipe tends to work pretty well if you ask me. These bacon-deviled eggs are no exception! (via Mom Spark)

The little piece of asparagus on top, plus the delicious helping of bacon, take this recipe from a basic potluck staple to a seriously gourmet-looking treat. (via How Sweet It Is)

If curry’s your thing, you might want to give this interesting recipe a go for your next get-together. I love how these turned out. (via Well Plated)

10 Ways To Make Deviled Eggs

I think these delicious deviled eggs and antipasto skewers take the cake for the prettiest recipe on the block. They look incredible! (via Diethood)

Looking for something completely different to wow your guests? Or maybe even freak them out? These avocado and wasabi-deviled eggs are so unique! (via Family Spice)

How about a little pretty in pink? These pickled deviled eggs have been turned a gorgeous shade pink with the use of beets. Yum! (via Just A Taste)

These tasty eggs have a southern kick to them and are completed with a little pickle on top, which makes them even MORE awesome in my books. (via The Kitchen Is My Playground)

10 Ways To Make Deviled Eggs

Oh my word. Do you see how awesome these are? That red tinge and those little dots of flavor are totally Sriracha. I need to make these immediately. (via Budget Bytes)

I have a serious thing for horseradish — the hotter the better! I can’t wait to try this recipe which is sure to pack a punch. (via Bev Cooks)

If you love avocados and want to add an even more healthy kick to your deviled eggs, try this! I love the use of lime juice and cilantro in this recipe. (via Cakescottage)