Each year (heck, each DAY) of being a parent teaches me something new. A new idea for handling the assertiveness of 6-year-olds, a new recipe my daughter adores, or a new tip for getting out the door a little quicker before school each morning. Each moment of parenthood is a lesson and with such a wealth of information, we really ought to be sharing it around — which bring me to today’s topic. Today I’m sharing some parenting hacks that I think you’ll find useful and possibly a tiny bit life-changing… you let me know! 😉

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Try these parenting hacks and hopefully you’ll be able to remove at least an ounce of stress for your world today. Enjoy, share, and don’t forget to have fun!

15 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Easier

15 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Easier

  1. Do your kids constantly use new cups from the cupboard for each sip of water, milk, and juice? Try this cool magnet + cup hack and end your dish frustration immediately!

  2. Cut a sticker in half and put one piece inside each of your toddler’s shoes to help them see which shoe goes on which foot!

  3. With summer just around the corner, your kids will LOVE filling their own water balloons with an old hand-pump bottle, instead of having you fight with the hose or tap!

  4. Serve snacks in a muffin tin! Kids love the variety and it makes clean-up a breeze.

  5. Pop a fitted crib sheet over a playpen to keep bugs away from baby when you’re working in the garden. Adds some needed shade as well!

  6. Keep a sticky lint roller on hand for craft time. It’s perfect for cleaning up glitter and tiny bits of paper!

  7. Hang a “spy window” on a stair landing to keep an eye on your kids. Handy for teens, or for when your kids have friends over and you don’t want to disrupt playtime.

  8. Make a table hammock to entertain your kids FOR HOURS. I can see my daughter hanging out in one of these all day long!

  9. Hang a tension rod lower down in your coat closet so that kids can hang their own coats at the right height.

  10. Use a straw to hull strawberries with ease. No more wasted fruit when you cut too much off at the top!

  11. Make a bracelet for your child with number beads that bears your cell phone number in case they are even lost at a zoo or amusement park.

  12. A box and some crayons make for a zen activity for your toddler. Save those big boxes the next time you get an Amazon shipment!

  13. Lastly, my favorite parenting hack of them all, is a “you shall not pass” sign on your bathroom wall to help kids see just how much toilet paper they ought to take. BRILLIANT. (Note: The only thing I’d change about this hack is the direction of the toilet paper roll!)

  14. Place a pool noodle under the edge of a fitted sheet to make a quick and simple bed rail, perfect for at home or at the cottage.

  15. Freeze yogourt with spoons stuck in the top to make simple and delicious softcicles!

15 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Easier