I pretty much live in buns. On days when I’ve showered and blowdried my hair just so, I’ll usually leave it down and flowing — but on basically every other day, I’m rockin’ some sort of topknot, with variations on a theme. I’ll add a braid, a clip, a strategically placed bobby pin to keep my bangs out of my face… you know the drill.

Buns and I are BFFs, so today I’m sharing 10 from around the interwebs that I think you’re going to love too! Including one for the kiddos… and one for your man, if you’re into that sorta thing! Keep scrolling for a little inspiration for your locks this season!

10 Hair Buns To Try This Season

01. A classic take on the bun, with a low chignon twist to it. Some may argue that this isn’t actually a bun at all, but I think it falls into the same category. This style from Irrelephant could be worn super fancy with some flowers or gems — say, for a wedding — or for any occasion when a ponytail just isn’t enough. Simple, sweet — I love it!

02. If you’re in the need of a formal bun, I’d vouch for this style from The Freckled Fox. Whether you’re heading down the aisle or styling your daughter’s hair for prom, this one’s a winner!

03. I’m feeling pretty swoony about this bun + braid combo. The crew at Hair Romance will show you exactly what you need to do to recreate this gorgeous style at home. This is a great one for all you curly girls out there!

04. Some people twirl their hair when they are on the phone or watching Netflix… I tend to tie it in big knots since it’s long and fine. This style from All Day Chic is right up my alley as it takes full advantage of the fact that hair looks AWESOME tied up in knots! Try it. You’ll like it.

10 Hair Buns To Try This Season

05. How gorgeous is that fishtail detail on this big bun from Once Wed? I am so in love with it. Now I just need someone to teach me how to craft the perfect fishtail braid… because I’m still having a tough time figuring it out, and my 6-year-old will only sit still for so long while I torture her with my braiding practice. Whoops.

06. The folks from Style Caster are here to show you how to get the perfect “ballerina” bun, for those moments when you need a more prim and proper look. (Or, if you’re actually a ballerina…!)

07. We’re in desperate need of this style around my house right now, while my daughter grows her bangs out. It’s all about the angles, the asymmetry, and just having FUN with your hair. She likes to dress it up with a clip or to. Find out how to make it happen over at The Blue Closet.

08. Do you ever feel like your long, long locks aren’t suited for a cute top knot? I feel like this a lot… and I sometimes struggle to get all that hair to stay put on top of my head. This style from Sitting In Our Tree will give you some tips on working your tresses into a ‘do that’ll look great AND stay where you want it to.

09. Whether you’re diggin’ the man bun or not, you’ve got to give this dude some credit for making it work. I’ll admit I’ve tried to put my mister’s curly hair into a bun more than once (like, today…) but he’s not quite into it. Whoops. We’ll leave it to Brock O’Hurn. Sigh.

10. We’ll call this the bonus bun! Check out this cool messy bun tutorial from Luxy Hair! Sometimes I find it WAY easier to try out a new hairdo when I have a video to watch while I do it. Maybe I need to start recording whatever it is my hairdresser does that makes my hair look fab when I leave her chair! Watch below and let us know if the video helped!

The best thing about buns is that almost every style is easy to master after a few tries. My favorite hairstyles are ones that I don’t actually NEED a mirror for, which is probably why I’m sporting the “messy topknot” so often. Hope this post gave you a few ideas to try — peace!