Mason jars (or canning jars) have been on the crafting scene for a while now, but that doesn’t mean we’re tired of how awesome they are! For simple and fun crafting and DIY project on a budget, these lovely glass jars are the way to go! Today I wanted to share a collection of all my favorite ways to use Mason jars — from crafts to recipes, gifts, and more! Enjoy!

20 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

01. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage (Mom Spark)

02. DIY Mason Jar Cake Plates (So Fawned Lifestyle)

03. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers (Listotic)

04. Rustic Mason Jar Lanterns (A Southern Fairytale)

05. Mason Jar Tea (Swanky Decors)

06. Mason Jar Chandeliers (McLaughlin Designs)

07. Chalk Label Spice Jars (Style Lush Blog)

08. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage (Liz Marie Blog)

09. Glitter Dipped Mason Jars (Lily Shop)

10. Mason Jar Bird Feeder (The Garden-Roof Coop)

20 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

11. Easy Mason Jar Luminaries (Mom Spark)

12. Bacon & Eggs In A Jar (Mason Jar Breakfast)

13. Mason Jar Superhero Banks (Fireflies And Mud Pies)

14. Lemon Peppermint Sugar Scrub (Mom Spark)

15. Mason Jar Beehives (Make)

16. Mason Jar Candles (Ms. Dawn)

17. Blueberry Grilled Peach Parfait (Everyday Dishes)

18. Colorful Mason Jars (Mom Spark)

19. Mason Jar Herb Garden (Connecticut Lifestyles)

20. PB & J Breakfast Jar (Peanut Butter & Peppers)

Get craft, my friend! And be sure to pin these ideas for later!