We have a quick and easy sugar scrub recipe for you today!

DIY: Non-Toxic Citrus Eucalyptus Sugar Beauty Scrub

This is a swirled citrus eucalyptus sugar scrub! We love the vibrant colors and the way the scents of the citrus and eucalyptus contrast.

Non-Toxic Citrus Eucalyptus Sugar Beauty Scrub

To make this Citrus Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub you’ll need:

We love using essential oils in our home! These oils are part of the Premium Essential Oils kit we are offering. They are 100% pure and smell amazing!

Using a medium-size mixing bowl stir together the sugar and grapeseed oil. You can add extra drops of oil or spoonfuls of sugar until you reach the exact consistency that you like. The four to one ratio is a great starting point that you can work with until you decide how dry or wet you like your scrubs to be. Everyone has their own preferences.

Grab a smaller mixing bowl and spoon half of the sugar/oil mixture into the smaller bowl. Put the drops of Citrus Fresh oil in the original bowl and mix it up. In the smaller bowl of sugar scrub, add the 5 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata oil and green dye powder. Stir until the Eucalyptus oil and coloring have fused into the sugar scrub.

Grab a mason jar or milk jar and begin layering the scrubs into a striped pattern. Start with the green and place it in the bottom corner. It will form a triangle shape at the bottom of the jar. Add the white, citrus mixture to fill out the bottom and top off the diagonal green stripe with a line of the white. Continue layering the green in white in those tilting lines until you reach the top of the jar. For eight-ounce jars, this usually ends up being around two stripes of each color.

Non-Toxic Citrus Eucalyptus Sugar Beauty Scrub

You will also need a mason jar and decorative ribbons or stickers. You could go in a grinch-y direction with the green stripes or add a touch of red to make it santa or elf-themed!

*Note: As this sugar scrub contains citrus oil, it can sting if it gets into your eyes. You might want to consider this as a body scrub, or be ultra-careful around your eyes.*