While we put up a faux Christmas tree each year (so that we can have it up much longer than a real tree) I still ADORE the smell of real greenery in my home. Today I wanted to share some gorgeous DIY wreaths that you can make with real bits of the outdoors so that your home can smell like the holidays, real tree or not!

Enjoy and be sure to pin your favorites for this year — and years to come!

5 DIY Wreaths Made With Real Greenery

This gorgeous wreath has been made with foraged material, which would be so much fun to gather on a walk through the woods with your family. This wreath not only has delicious smelling greenery but also rosehips and other berries. A gorgeous look for your front door or living room. (via And Here We Are)

A wireframe makes it really easy to create your own wreath in a home. You can find these at craft or garden centers near your home. You might even have some wire in your garage that you could make into the base for this type of holiday decoration. (via Craft Thyme)

This succulent wreath is definitely a deviation from the norm, but I love it just the same! For our pals living in warmer climes, you might want to brighten up your holiday display with a desert-friendly wreath. (via Live Craft Love)

Grab a grapevine wreath — or make one from foraged material — and add your own Christmas tree trimmings for a very special wreath. We have a grapevine wreath that hangs on our front door and I love how quickly and easily they come together while looking like something you paid a mint for! (via The Frugal Homemaker)

Did you know you can make a simple wreath using tree trimming and baling twine? Take a look at this DIY and soon you’ll be making a collection of them to decorate your entire home. (via The DIY Mommy)

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, friends! I hope you love bringing this bit of the outdoors into your home.