The weather is shifting from warm summer days to the brisk, cozy days of fall and winter. This can mean only one thing…flu season is here.

I don’t know about you, but my family and I tend to spend more time enjoying the crisp weather this time of year. I know that this also means that it’s important for me to be totally prepared for the possibility of winter colds and flu.

The good thing is that it’s really easy to prep for flu season with these five tips for surviving flu season:

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

1. Wash your hands. A lot.

Probably one of the simplest ways to prep for the cold and flu season is to wash your hands. A lot.

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

It’s a habit most everyone is diligent about any time of the year, but now it is especially important to flex those hand-washing skills.

2. Dress accordingly for the cold.

Bundling up is a surefire way to keep your body warm and ready to combat potential colds.

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

Plus, if we’re being honest, it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping for a fall or winter wardrobe. If you’re into that sort of thing.

3. Get your sleep.

Sleep is so very important. Not only does it make a direct impact on your mood and ability to function on a given day, but it also allows your body to rest enough to reboot in the strongest way the next day to combat any potential threats of illness.

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

And if you do happen to catch a cold or flu, a good, solid sleep routine will help you fight through it more quickly.

4. Do a deep clean of the house.

Especially if a majority of the family leaves the house each day, out into the world of who-knows-whose germs, doing a deep clean of the whole house before and periodically throughout the season will definitely help to safeguard your home base from the season’s germs.

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

I like to think that spring cleaning is for purging and paring down and fall/winter cleaning is for protecting.

5. Stock up on the essentials.

Your medicine chest is going to be a lifesaver if the flu shows up in your family.

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

And the last thing you want to be doing when the flu strikes is to hop in the car and head to Walmart to try and get all of the essentials that you need to make it through. Here are a few things you should definitely prepare to have on hand for cold and flu season:

  • Tissues like Puffs
  • daytime/nighttime cold medicine…consider DayQuil and NyQuil
  • lip balm
  • menthol ointment….Vicks VapoRub works wonders!
  • green tea with honey

5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season