Do you ever stand in front of your closet, staring into the void of clothing thinking “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”? Usually, this happens when you have to be somewhere (of course) and you’re just not feeling anything you have. And of course, it’s not ACTUALLY that you have nothing to wear, it’s that nothing is jumping out to you as an obvious choice and you’re totally overwhelmed. This overwhelm means that you only wear a TINY bit of your wardrobe… so why the heck are you keeping the rest of it?

Lately, even though I’ve recently cut my wardrobe back in a BIG way, I’m still thinking that a capsule wardrobe might be the way to go. If you’re not familiar with the ideas of a capsule wardrobe, take a peek below and get some inspiration for gals who are totally rockin’ it! You can whittle away at your wardrobe, whittle it down to a fraction of what you had, and SO many ways to wear those items together. It’s mesmerizing to see how these people are mixing and matching. Take a look and see if this is something you’d want to try!

Capsule Wardrobe Fashion and Style Ideas

How awesome are these looks?? These are perfect since it’s autumn right now and I love that she showed all of the outfits actually being worn — amazing. I think she did a great job of making each outfit look totally unique. So inspiring. (via Putting Me Together)

Can you imagine taking 10 pieces and making 100 different outfits? This one really has me thinking about how far I can take some of my favorite pieces. And those yellow pants are actually pretty amazing. (via Color Me Courtney)

My favorite thing about these pieces is that most of them are quite simple, classic, and they’re items that aren’t going to go out of style any time soon. This makes it so much easier to match them all up! (via The Effortless Chic)

This idea is absolutely GENIUS. I’ve never been any good at Sudoku puzzles (numbers make me want to cry) but this idea of creating a Sudoku for your outfits is mind-blowing. You have to check this out! (via Su Sews)

Did you know there’s a whole amazing APP that you can use to get more from your wardrobe? These great tips come from one of the coolest apps that I haven’t tried yet but it’s on my must-try list, for sure. You can upload pics of your actual clothing so you can manipulate them into outfits on the app. Think that opening scene of Clueless — THAT COOL. (via Stylebook)

This actually looks like it could already by my wardrobe. I have quite a few pieces that look just like this and now I’m feeling even more inspired to make the most out of combining them. I was wearing stripes yesterday and my denim shirt today. Nailed it! 😉 (via The Blissful Mind)