Get ready to sleigh the gift-wrapping game without emptying your wallet! In our How to Wrap Christmas Gifts Cheaply guide, we’re diving into a world of thrifty and playful tricks to give your presents a touch of festive magic without breaking the bank. From quirky newspaper whimsy to the charm of brown paper doodles, these budget-friendly ideas will turn your gift-wrapping into a joyful and pocket-friendly celebration. Let’s unwrap the secrets to making your presents sparkle on a budget! 🎁✨

How to Wrap Christmas Gifts Cheaply

How to Wrap Christmas Gifts Cheaply

10 Cheap Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Wrap your Christmas gifts without breaking the bank with these thrifty and playful tricks:

1. Use Newspapers as Wrapping Paper

Give your gifts a quirky twist by wrapping them in colorful comic strips, or fun newspapers.

Use Newspapers as Wrapping Paper


Finding newspapers is easier than catching snowflakes! Here are some playful suggestions:

  1. Your Neighbor’s Stash: Politely ask your neighbor if they have spare newspapers lying around—they might be happy to share!
  2. Local Coffee Shops: Swing by a nearby coffee shop; they often have newspapers available for customers to enjoy with their cup of joe.
  3. Community Centers: Check out community centers or local gathering spots where newspapers are usually handy for reading.
  4. Library Loot: Pop into your local library; they sometimes have a newspaper section where you can grab a few pages.
  5. Recycling Centers: Visit a recycling center—they usually have stacks of newspapers waiting to be recycled into your budget-friendly gift wrap.
  6. Friend’s Archives: Call up a friend and see if they have old newspapers lying around from past events or occasions.
  7. Office Break Room: Sneak into the office break room during non-peak hours; you might find discarded newspapers waiting to be repurposed.
  8. Local Stores: Some local grocery or convenience stores have free community newspapers near the entrance.
  9. Online News Websites: Some news websites offer free articles online, which you can print for a creative and eco-friendly alternative.
  10. Holiday Sales Ads: Keep an eye out for holiday sales ads—they’re like festive newspapers filled with gift ideas!

Newspaper Wrapping Inspiration

1. Add Feathers

Newspaper Wrapping Paper with Feathers

via Lia Griffith

2. Add Berries

Magazine Wrapping Pages with Berries

via Reading My Tea Leaves

3. Ribbon and Greenery

Newspaper Wrapping Paper with Ribbon and Greenery

via Cup of Joe

2. Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper 

Embrace the simplicity of brown paper and get creative with doodles and stickers for a personalized touch.

Use Brown Kraft Paper as Wrapping Paper

Brown Wrapping Paper Inspiration

1. A Sprig of Greenery

Brown Wrapping Paper with Greenery

via Never Skip Brunch

2. Painted Chalkboard Gift Tags

Painted Chalkboard Gift Tags on Brown Wrapping Paper

via Never Skip Brunch

3. Painted Ribbons or Bows

Painted Ribbons or Bows on Brown Wrapping Paper

via Never Skip Brunch

3. Fabric Wrapping Paper

Upcycle old fabric scraps or scarves for a unique and eco-friendly wrapping alternative.

Use Fabric as Wrapping Paper


Fabric Wrapping Inspiration

1. Easy Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag

Easy Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag

via Scrap Fabric Love

2. Used Clothes

Used Clothes Fabric Wrapping Paper

via Upcycle My Stuff

3. Easy Fabric Wrap

Easy Fabric Wrapping Paper

via Crafty for Home

4. Gift Toppers From Nature

Skip the store-bought bows and adorn your gifts with a touch of nature – think pinecones, twigs, or sprigs of greenery.

Gift Toppers From Nature

Nature Gift Topper Inspiration

1. Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers Gift Topper

via Cottage on Bunker Hill

2. Pine Cones

Pine Cones Gift Topper

via Cottage on Bunker Hill

3. Greenery

Greenery Gift Topper

via Happily Dwell

5. DIY Stamp Gift Wrap Designs

Make your own stamps using household items like potatoes, and stamp away on plain paper for a handmade and charming look.

DIY Stamp Gift Wrap Designs

DIY Stamp Inspiration

1. Potato Stamp

DIY Potato Stamp

via The Crafted Life

2. Lint Roller Stamp

Lint Roller Stamp

via Handmade Charlotte

3. Pencil Eraser Stamp

Pencil Eraser Stamp

via Brit + Co

6. Cute Cutouts for Wrapping Gifts

Create whimsical cutouts from old cards or colorful paper to add a playful element to your gift wrap.

Cute Cutouts for Wrapping Gifts

Cutout Wrapping Inspiration

1. Reused Greeting Cards

Reused Greeting Cards on Gift Bags

via The Birch Cottage

2. Reused Greeting Card Gift Tags

Reused Greeting Card Gift Tags

via A Taste of Home

3. Construction Paper Art

Construction Paper Art on Wrapping Paper

via Twichetts

7. Reuse and Recycle

Embrace the art of reusing gift bags, ribbons, and bows from previous years to save money and reduce waste.

8. Cute Gift Toppers

Attach candy canes or small ornaments to your gifts – it’s like an extra little gift on the outside!

Cute Gift Toppers

Gift Topper Inspiration

1. Candy Cane Topper

Candy Cane Topper

via Kerry Lockwood in Detail

2. Candy Gift Toppers

Candy Gift Toppers

via Crafting in the Rain

3. Jingle Bells Topper

Candy Gift Toppers

via Melissa Blake Blog

9. Kid’s Artwork Wrapping Paper

Let your little ones get creative and use their artwork as unique and heartfelt wrapping paper.

Kid's Artwork Wrapping Paper

Kid’s Artwork Wrapping Paper Inspiration

1. Kid Footprints

Kid Footprints Wrapping Paper

via Skip to My Lou

2. Kid’s Artwork

Kid's Artwork Wrapping Paper

via The Crazy Craft Lady

3. Cookie Cutter Kid Art

Cookie Cutter Kid Art Wrapping Paper

via Glitter on a Dime

10. Simple String Wrapping

Opt for simple twine or string to tie up your packages, adding a rustic and charming touch to your budget-friendly wrapping.

Simple String Wrapping Paper Inspiration

Simple String Wrapping Paper Inspiration

1. Simple Baker’s Twine

Simple Baker's Twine Wrapping

via Craft Cartwright 

2. String with Small Ornaments

String with Small Ornaments Gift Wrapping

via Oprah Daily

3. Spiral String

Spiral String Wrapping Paper DIY

via One Good Thing by Jillee

With these playful ideas, your Christmas gifts will be wrapped up in style without denting your wallet!