If you’re sending your kids off to college or university this year, you’re probably already thinking about their first home-away-from-home and how you can help them to make it as cozy as possible. Whether they’re bunking up in a dorm with fellow classmates or living off-campus with pals, today we’re sharing some of the coolest dorm must-haves for your newly independent offspring!

Dorm Room Must-Haves For Your New College Student!

A cool duvet cover.

They might not be sleeping in their own bed, but they can make it super cozy! How a silly cat duvet cover from Society6? Or one with a cheeky saying?

A hamper for their dirty duds.

Whether they end up doing their own laundry, or bringing it home for mama at Thanksgiving, they’ll need somewhere to stash their smelly socks until they’re ready for the washer. I like this one with it’s swanky nautical stripes. It has a wide mouth and stands up for filling, but can also be carried like a tote bag.

A funky power bar.

Because there are never enough outlets in a dorm, or study hall, or library, or wherever your young student is doing their studying or essay writing. Grab them this neato power strip that moves to accommodate all of the things they need plugged in or charging at any given time.

An electric kettle.

A hot plate is probably out of the question, but how about an electric kettle for tea and instant coffee (#studentlife) and cup of ramen? Yum! This bright green Bodum kettle is so rad their dorm-mates will be wanting to use it too!

A travel mug.

Help them keep their coffee or tea nice and warm for their commute to class and beyond. Perfect for that first-morning brew or hot chocolate at the big game! I love this one from Starbucks.

Slippers and flip flops.

Slippers for keeping their feet cozy and warm during the coldest months of the year, and flip flops for trips to their shared bathroom and shower which is probably less clean than it should be — so why not play it safe, eh?

A cozy rug.

Make their room even more comfortable and give them a lovely spot to plunk their feet when they wake up. I’ve always wanted a sheepskin rug beside my bed, but I bet you can opt for a faux-sheepskin rug for the dorm — for the sake of accidental energy drink spills and Chicago Mix crumbs.

A shower caddy.

It’s nice to have a place for all of their toiletries to live and be carried around in if they happen to be sharing a bathroom with their neighbor or their entire floor. Help keep their stuff in one place with a neat caddy like this mesh one, which has a place for their towels and can be hung to their items dry out when they are all finished.

To top it off? Maybe a few phone cards, a train ticket home, or something else that says just because they’ve moved off, it doesn’t mean you’re not thinking of them. You know you are! 😉