I know half of my Easter eggs usually come out cracked and uncolored, so these boiling tips are super helpful!

I saw these tips in an email newsletter from Juicy Juice (in 2010) and thought it would be great to share. I know half of my eggs always come out cracked and uncolored, so I hope this helps you, too!

Easy Easter Egg Boiling Tips

1. Instead of putting your eggs in the pot and then carrying the pot to the sink to fill with water, use a pitcher to fill the pot ON the stove, this saves the eggs from moving around, thus reducing the movement which may cause cracking.

2. If you put your eggs in the pot after boiling the water, use kitchen tongs to place the eggs, so they don’t hit the bottom of the pan or other eggs.

3. Use a pin to poke a hole at the large end of the egg to help air escape while cooking.

4. Let your eggs get to room temperature before boiling, this reduces drastic temperature changes, reducing the chance of cracking.

Happy Easter Egg coloring!!