Last week, my 12 year old son came home with a creation from art class. He had been telling me about his “Angry Birds Pig” for a few weeks, but I had no idea it was so AMAZING!

How to Make a Paper Mache Angry Birds Pig

The same day, I posted a picture of the Pig on Instagram (this must have been why Facebook bought Instagram for 1 Billion!) and I received an overwhelming response, asking how to make this paper mache masterpiece. Naturally, I had to publish a blog post!

Since this was made at school, I do not have step by step images, but my son did document each step, which I have listed below.

How to Make a Paper Mache Angry Birds Pig

What You Will Need

  • 1 balloon
  • water
  • flour
  • newspaper
  • green colored paper
  • toilet paper tube
  • cardboard
  • white paint
  • light green paint
  • black paint
  • medium to large container or bowl (to hold paste)
  1. Blow up balloon to desired size. Make a paste from water and flour.
  2. Make strips of newspaper, then dunk them in a container filled with paste. Wipe off extra paste with your fingers so that you have a thin coat of paste on the newspaper.
  3. Put the newspaper strips on the balloon, then continue step 2 until you have 3 layers of newspaper covering the balloon. Make sure you do not cover the tied part of the balloon.
  4. Make strips of green colored paper, then dip them in paste and place on the balloon. Make one layer of this color paper.
  5. Wait for the paste to dry.
  6. To make the nose, cut a toilet paper tube in half so that you have two tubes. Cut one edge of each side so you can make a “C” shape with them. Use tape to connect the ends together and you should get an oval shape. Place the nose on the balloon, then use green colored paper to put it on. Cover the nose with the green paper.
  7. For the ears, cut out two half oval shapes from cardboard, then paste them on the green paper.
  8. Pull the knotted end to the balloon out and at the same time pop the balloon. If you do it right, the balloon will not make a popping noise. Continue to pop and pull until the balloon is completely out. You should end up with a hollow sphere. Cover up the hole (that you made by pulling) with green paper.
  9. Wait for the paste to dry again. On the bottom of the pig, cut a round hole so that the pig will not roll around. Now cover the pig with a couple layers of light green paint. When that dries, paint the details such as the nose, ears, mouth, eyes, and eyebrows with black and white paint. When that dries, YOU ARE DONE!!! =D

This Pig would be perfect for an Angry Birds-themed party or for a fun art project at home! My son has an Angry Birds theme in his bedroom, so this made a great addition on his bookshelf.

Have questions about a step? Leave a comment below!