Guys, I’m getting really excited about helping my daughter pick a Halloween costume! As with most children under the age of five, I think she has changed her mind about 10 times since August, BUT we may have landed on “a cat-like ours” as her costume. I suppose that means I have to find a tabby or calico cat costume?

8 Awesome Halloween Costumes For Kids!

If you’re in need of some inspiration, or if your kiddos haven’t quite narrowed it down yet, here are a few really awesome costume picks that are sure to please!

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? How about this incredible adorable little wolf? Pick up a cute wolf cape for your Little Red Riding Hood re-enactment Halloween night! Available via Originals By Lauren Too. She’s created a red cape too!

angler fish Halloween Costume

This costume cracks me up — fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an angler fish costume before, so this one stands out as awesome, original, and just a bit creepy! Check out this costume at Pip & Bean. (I’d love to see a group of kids go out as an angler fish, Nemo, and Dory!)

kitty dress Halloween Costume

This kitty dress isn’t exactly a costume BUT it’s definitely cute and wearable all year long! Made by Wild Things Dresses — I know my daughter would LOVE it!

1950s Sock Up Poodle Skirt Halloween Costume

This costume reminds me of my 10th birthday party which was held at a 50s themed cafe and we all wore poodle skirts and danced the evening away. Ah, childhood! My grandmother made me my poodle skirt, but this cute tutu comes from Atutudes.

bat cape Halloween Costume

Going batty trying to think up a costume for your little boy? Try this bat cape from Originals By Lauren Too. (So many goodies in this shop!)

fairy skirt Halloween Costume

Such a fun costume! This is another costume I know would find its way into the tickle trunk after Halloween is said and done. Find this fairy skirt at Soul Role.

sweet raccoon Halloween Costume

I spy a very sweet raccoon! A great, simple costume idea — just add this mask and tail to a grey/black outfit and you’re good to go! Pick up the mask at Opposite Of Far. Find the tail here too.

pink and brown fairy tutu and wing set Halloween Costume

And lastly, a very sweet pink and brown fairy tutu and wing set from Angel Baby Couture. More goodies for playing dress-up all year long! (This one might not be the perfect pick for more northern Halloweens which tend to be rainy, wet, or snowy — BUT costumes that aren’t outdoor-friendly are great for Halloween parties and indoor shindigs!)

So many fun ideas to choose from! Hopefully, once I do find my daughter’s perfect cat costume she won’t feel like changing her mind again. I bet she’ll also insist on wearing it to school for about three weeks straight. Works for me!

What are your favorite Halloween costumes for kids? Do you ever make them? Do you prefer to buy costumes?