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I’m just going to come out and say it, folks…

I don’t like the summertime.

One dunk in the pool, a few hot days and I’m ready to call it quits… especially when we’re plagued with maddening humidity for weeks at a time. No thanks, Mother Nature! Bring me cool breezes, sweaters, mugs to keep my fingers warm, and watch flicks wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

Basically, I’d love to live somewhere that made it possible for me to dress like this all year round: Sweater. Tights. Boots. Repeat!

Sweaters and Tights Fashion

Here are a few styles I’m craving at this very moment:

sweater tights scarf fall fashion

This sweater dress is the perfect mustard shade. And we all know how much I dig mustard!

sweater tights fall fashion

Cozy. Simple. Makes me want to sit around a fire and sip stout in this sweater.

sweater tights fall fashion boots

Love those boots!

sweater tights fall fashion boots

Her accessories really make this for me.

sweater tights fall fashion boots

Excellent tights. Sweet beret on top.

What about you? What season do you love to dress for the most?

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