Family vacations to Disney World result in lots of memories, from your daughter’s first ride on Dumbo to an evening spent cuddling on the Polynesian Resort Beach.

And while it’s easy for your kids to keep those memories alive by watching Disney movies and playing with Disney toys and souvenirs, sometimes it’s a little harder for a busy mom to keep the Disney mojo flowing.

Top 5 Nerd-Approved Disney Products

Below are five mom-tested, nerd-approved products that will add a dash of Disney to your day:

mickey mouse flight-inspired tablet case

Retro Flight Tablet Case

With retro nostalgia at an all-time high, this flight-inspired tablet case makes carrying your iPad or Nook a fashion statement.

Stow your electronics in this bag, and you’ll look like a proper jetsetter whether you’re headed to Disneyland Paris or to the park for a play date.

Harvey’s Nightmare Before Christmas Seatbelt Bag

“Nightmare” Seatbelt Bag

Because not every girl covets the fabulous and colorful Disney Dooney bags, we present Harvey’s Nightmare Before Christmas Seatbelt Bag. Yes, it’s really made of seatbelts, which means this is one durable, mom-friendly bag.

Bonus points: the bag includes the cutest glow-in-the-dark zipper pull, perfect for distracting whiny kids in a dark spot.

Star Wars Imperial Wall Paper

Imperial Wall Paper

It’s not just you: your walls are looking a little drab and, frankly, downright undark. But don’t worry: this Star Wars-inspired Imperial Wall Paper is just what you need to bring a little dark side inside.

Create an accent wall or paper your whole library. Or, you know, start the kid off right by using this in the nursery… . This is one decorating decision that every citizen of the Galactic Empire can appreciate.

Haunted Mansion iPhone case

Haunted Mansion iPhone Case

Next ride with the grim grinning ghosts too far into the future? Just snap this protective Haunted Mansion case onto your iPhone and you’ll be transported to a swinging wake in the spirit world.

Bonus points: This case is understated enough to hide your Disney geekery if needed…

Magic Kingdom Disney map vintage coasters

Vintage Magic Kingdom Map Coasters

Sure, they’ll keep the rings off of your furniture, but these Italian marble Magic Kingdom map coasters are also a great conversation piece: invite your friends over and let the memories begin. These hand-crafted homewares are sure to spark them.

Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite ways to bring Disney home?

Elisabeth McGuirk is a full-time mommy and part-time Disney enthusiast. She’s an editor at, digging up hip Disney stuff you never knew you needed. Find your Mickey Fix on Twitter @mickeyfix.