One of the EASIEST treats you can make this Halloween is bark! These Halloween bark recipe ideas are the best.

One of the EASIEST treats you can make this Halloween is bark! Have you ever made bark before? You can customize these tasty recipes for any time of the year, but we love these Halloween ideas the best. Take a peek below and try it out — or create your very own! Either way, it’s a quick and simple way to wow the crowd this October 31st! Enjoy!

Halloween Candy Bark Recipes 8 Different Ways

This takes the cake for the world’s CUTEST Halloween bark, don’t you think? I’d love to see these wrapped up as hostess gifts! Yum! (via Bakerella)

We couldn’t say no to a recipe for pumpkin spice latte bark! Delish! (via The Kitchen Prep)

This cookie bark combines favorite Halloween treats with sprinkles with Golden Oreos for a fun and festive flavor! (via Mom Spark)

If you love Butterfingers, this one might be for you! I love the effect of having the orange filling sandwiched between layers of chocolate. I bet this one’s delicious! (via Crunchy Creamy Sweet)

Halloween Bark 8 Different Ways

If salty-sweet is your thing, you’re going to love that there are pretzels included in this delicious bark. Now this I’ve got to try! (via Glorious Treats)

What do you do with all of that “leftover” Halloween candy? You pop it in the bark, of course! (via Just A Taste)

Check out the spooky color of this 10-minute creepy Halloween bark! I love the little skull candies too. What do you think of that shade of green? Is it turning your stomach? 😉 (via Savvy Saving Couple)

If you love candy corn, you might want to try this recipe for candy corn truffle bark! This looks like it would be a lot of fun to make. (via The Gunny Sack)