Saying goodbye to some Thanksgiving calories and fat doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to flavor. These recipes prove it!

It’s a bit of a given that we all indulge around the holidays, right? We all eat a little more than we ought to, we eat foods that we don’t see for the rest of the year, and we try new things with excitement at every turn. However, we also start to panic a bit about all the goodies that end up on our plates.

If you’re hoping to enjoy more good eats but worry less about what you’re eating this Thanksgiving, add a few of these tasty and HEALTHY recipes to your menu this year! Saying goodbye to some calories and fat doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to flavor. These recipes prove it. Enjoy!

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

One of my musts for Thanksgiving dinner would have to be Brussels sprouts. I usually do them in a pan with garlic and pine nuts, but I can’t wait to make these roasted Brussels sprouts with squash and dried cranberries. (via Blogging Over Thyme)

Wild rice is something that actually grows locally to where I live, which makes me super interested in this delicious wild rice salad recipe! This delicious holiday dish features cranberries, nuts, and a honey mustard dressing. (via The View From Great Island)

This shallot and shiitake gravy is a delicious alternative to fattier gravies. If you’ve never had a mushroom gravy, you’ll want to try this for sure. Everyone at your dinner shindig is going to love it. (via Oh My Veggies)

One of my favorite dishes during the holiday season is acorn squash. My mom used to make acorn squash all the time, and during the warmer months, we’d actually grow them in our garden. Definitely a must for Thanksgiving, and this recipe makes it so simple to get the perfect baked squash! Yum. (via The Kitchen Is My Playground)

On the hunt for a healthier version of your favorite Thanksgiving pie? This paleo pumpkin pie cupcake might just rock your world. (via My Whole Food Life)

This might look like your average bowl of tasty mashed potatoes, but it’s not! The ingredient you’re looking at is actually cauliflower and I can’t wait to make some! (via Detoxinista)

Carrots are such a great vegetable to cook for the holiday because they’re receptive to so many different flavors. I have a feeling these roasted marsala carrots will be super delicious. (via Mom On Timeout)