In just a couple week’s, families all across the US will be getting ready to host loved ones for the Thanksgiving weekend. If you plan to have people staying at your home for the holidays, you’re probably already prepping your guest rooms and making sure you have everything you need to make your friends and family feel welcome and comfortable.

I love having people over during the holidays, so I thought I might share some of my tips for hosting during this special time of year! Whether you’re prepping for Thanksgiving or the snowier holidays season coming up, these ideas will help you as you plan to receive your guests.

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When you’re getting your home ready, you’ll probably start to get a little craft with your decor. I love decorating my home for the holidays, but let me tell you a little trick. You can make all sorts of really cool decorations that you can then turn into gifts as your guests leave. If you’ve make a beautiful Thanksgiving bunting, roll it up and bag it with some tissue paper to say thank you to your guests for spending the holidays with your family! They will appreciate the kind touch, and you will have successfully decorated tidied up in one fell swoop.

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We love this fall mobile ideas from Happiness Is Homemade and these beautiful painted pumpkins from New House New Home.

Never underestimate the power of candles when you are decorating for the holidays. Candles make for atmosphere, which makes for conversation, comfort, and more quality time. Just be sure to keep candle decor up and away from the kids, unless you’re using faux candles like this DIY from Amanda Jane Brown. Fill a decorative jar with coffee beans and pop in a fake flickering candle for ambiance. The effect is beautiful!


When you’re getting your guest bedrooms ready, add a small tray with some of the things that they’ll need while they are staying with you — this way they don’t always have to feel like they are bugging you for supplies. Things like towels can be hung in their bedroom, but be sure to fill the tray with mugs, treats, an extra phone charger, the wifi password, ibuprofen, or whatever else you might think is helpful during their stay. I promise they’ll feel right at home.

Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving & Guests

I hope these ideas help you to have the most amazing Thanksgiving and holiday season with your guests! Happy hosting!

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