My eldest son is in high school and it seems like before I know it, he’ll be packing his bags for college. My youngest, Charlie, is motoring through elementary school, and sometimes I catch myself thinking back to the days when they were both tiny babies in my arms.

5 Products That Make Life Easier For A First Time Mom

Those early, new mom years were life-changing, beautiful, and they tested every fiber of my being. We all know that becoming a mother is supposed to change us, to bring us into a new phase in our lives, but there’s nothing that can prepare you for what those first days, weeks, and months will feel like — until you’re living them!

If you’re a new mom, this one’s for you.

Becoming a mother is like nothing else in the world. Advice flies at you from all directions, you are thrilled one moment and weeping with lack of sleep the next. You run a gauntlet of emotions morning and night and sometimes you just need a hug and for someone to tell you that everything is going to be just fine!

You’re strong, you’re capable, and you’re amazing.

5 Products That Make Life Easier For A First Time Mom

When I was a first-time mom, I remember feeling like I needed a lot of stuff — or so everyone around me had me believe. Babies, for whatever reason, seem to come with loads of stuff that you end up never using or tripping on when you try to pee in the middle of the night. Stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere and to be honest, many of these items are well-meaning gifts from family members, but they probably aren’t serving you as well as the items I’m about to mention.

If you’re a first-time mom, or you’re about to become one — congrats! — here’s my advice on some of the best things to have on hand during those first weeks of parenthood!

5 Products That Make Life Easier For A First Time Mom

Onesies & Sleepers

Specifically onesies with the little split at the shoulder (for scooting baby through when they have a diaper blowout and you need to pull the onesie off from the bottom instead of over their head) and sleepers with zippers (which are so much easier to open and close in the middle of the night).

White Noise Machine

Find a white noise machine with a setting that will let it stay on throughout the night instead of turning off after a certain time period. I find that this soothing sound helps babies not to be woken up by things like a dog barking or the doorbell. Anything for a little more sleep = perfect for new moms!

Baby-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Laundry grows in MOUNTAINS when you have a baby at home. When you’re washing those tiny onesies and sleepers, you don’t want to introduce anything harsh to their skin. Thanks to Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent you don’t have to worry about that.  It’s a great choice for soaping up those petite little outfits when they get covered in the sorts of things that newborns get covered in. This detergent is the number 1 choice of pediatricians and has been specially formulated for newborns. I love that it’s hypoallergenic, plus it smells amazing! Now that my kids are out of the baby stages, Blissfuls — Dreft’s in-wash scent booster — takes me back to those early years with the baby fresh scent I miss. I’ll be sharing even more about why we love Blissfuls in an upcoming post!

A Travel Mug

This might sound totally weird, but a travel mug is your BFF during those baby days. Why? Because in the beginning, and even more when they begin to crawl and get into all sorts of trouble, you rarely have enough time to get to the bottom of your tea or coffee or hot cocoa without it getting cold. It’s a small pleasure, but you’ll love it. There’s nothing like sipping that last swig — and it’s still nice and hot!

A Baby Wrap/Sling

Life with a baby, newborn or crawling, is a life without at least one of your hands. They should train us for motherhood by making us do everything with one arm — or BOTH arms! — tied behind our back. You can get a lot more accomplished and keep the baby safe and cozy in a sling. Great for around the house or when you’re out and about!

Motherhood is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me and I know I worried a lot more than I really needed to in those early days, months, and even years. I hope that this simple list will help you during YOUR baby days! Congratulations, friend!