How to Make Homemade Baby Food Tutorial recipe

Here is a tutorial on making homemade baby food that I created back when my son was a baby. I promise it is not difficult and does not take much time. This tutorial is for carrots, but you can use the same method for all fruits and vegetables.

HINT: I do not skin anything until after I steam it. The skin will literally fall off the fruit or veggie after steaming.
Steam carrots.
I used the Rival 6 cup rice cookerto steam mine.
Homemade Baby Foot Carrots Steam momspark.netPut carrots in food processor.
I used an old mini Cuisinart processor.
Homemade Baby Foot Carrots Puree
Adding water as needed for the proper consistency, blend the carrots until it is nice and creamy.(consistency will depend on your baby’s age & experience with food)
Homemade Baby Food Carrots Recipe
You can then freeze the puree in ice cube trays, or in a covered bowl in the refrigerator for a couple days.
Homemade Baby Food Freeze Ice Tray momspark.netHomemade Baby Food Carrots Recipe Bowl momspark.netOnce frozen, pop food out and put in labeled plastic bags.
Homemade Baby Food Ice Trays momspark.netHomemade Baby Food Carrots Storage
Pop in microwave to heat up! Be careful of hot spots. I always stir it with my finger to make sure.

And there you have it. Easy smeasy and healthy for your little one.